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The Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool was formed in 1988 when few other choices were available for public entities. Insurance companies held the view that public entities were not an insurable risk – many districts could not get coverage and/or could not afford the high rates.

Unlike standard insurance companies, the Pool is an organization whose only purpose is to provide high quality services to Colorado special districts. Pool Members are not just purchasing insurance, they are investing in a long term strategy to control and reduce future insurance expense.

Since 1988, the Pool has grown to 1,392 members participating in the Property & Liability and Workers’ Compensation programs.

As the Pool matures and builds more surplus, it provides financial security for its Members and allows Members to design and meet their own coverage needs. Enhancements to standard industry coverage are driven by the needs of Pool Members and include (subject to the Pool’s Coverage Document terms, conditions and limits):

  • Pre-Loss Legal services
  • Bonds / Securities
  • Sexual Molestation, Tortuous Physical or Sexual Contact
  • Mold, Fungus
  • No-fault Water and/or Sewer Back-Up
  • Expanded Pollution Liability
  • Special Events coverage
  • Liquor Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage with $2 million Employers Liability limit
  • Excess Liability limits

The Pool has more than fulfilled its mission of giving special districts a reasonable responsible alternative to the standard insurance market, and has become a valuable asset to special districts throughout Colorado.

For more information, please contact the Pool toll free at:

1-800-318-8870 (TOLL FREE)


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The Risk Management Review

Obtain the latest insider information on how to manage, predict and prepare for risk through the Pool’s latest issue of The Risk Management Review. In these pages, you will find articles about updates on Pool coverages, services and training and much much more!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pool is to provide Colorado Special Districts a viable and stable alternative to the traditional insurance marketplace at competitive rates and with exceptional customer service, claim handling and loss control assistance.

Special Districts Require Special Customized Insurance Coverages!

The Colorado Special Districts Property & Liability Pool (the “Pool”) offers the broadest Liability, Property and Workers’ Compensation available to Colorado special districts. Coverages are specifically designed to overcome the limitations found in most insurance policies and to provide coverage not available anywhere else.

Call now for help with your District's risk management needs at 1-800-318-8870 (TOLL FREE)