SDA Conference and CSD Pool Training Scholarship Program

Program Overview

How the Application Process Works:

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Before the Workshop/Conference:

  • Individuals interested in the Scholarship Program should fill out the Online Application at least 30 days prior to the Workshop or at least 60 days prior to the SDA Annual Conference

After you apply:

  • Your application is processed
  • You will receive an email containing information on whether or not your application has been approved

After you have been approved:

  • Register for the Conference
  • Or register for the workshop by finding the link on the Pools Training Page
  • Attend event
  • Keep track of your expenses with your districts reimbursement form
  • We have provided an Expense Form for the individual if the district does not have one of their own

After the event:

  • Supervisor or board member will submit the expenses to the district for reimbursement
  • The district is responsible for filling out the Pool's Online Reimbursement Form to receive their reimbursement from the CSD Pool

Our Training Scholarship Program is targeted at encouraging those who have never attended Workshops or Conference, as well as new members, to take part. With our Scholarship program, we are offering to reimburse districts for costs incurred sending first time supervisors and Board Members to specific training offered by the CSD Pool and the SDA

To accomplish this, the CSD Pool and the SDA have once again joined forces in this difficult economic climate to to raise the amount of scholarships awarded from $750 to $900 per applicant. These funds are intended to cover out of pocket expenses associated with travel and attendance at Training Workshops or the SDA Annual Conference. Please visit our Training Calendar Page for dates and other information, such as registration, which can be done 45 days prior to the event.

Scholarship Program details include:

SDA Conference and Training Scholarship Program Application

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