Group Purchase Program

The Group Purchase Program is an extension of the Pool's Safety and Loss Prevention program. We are making your safety and loss prevention dollars go even further. The Pool has worked diligently to establish this Group Purchase Program through Conney Safety, Red Wing Shoes, and TargetSolutions for safety and loss prevention related purchases by member districts with available Safety Grant funds.


The CSD Pool has partnered with KickSpike to help you stay on your feet during the winter season.

As the world's first retractable metal spike traction footwear, KickSpike's boots are the premier product for both professional and casual use. Insulated and waterproof, these boots are easy to use as well as affordable with our exclusive discount of $75 per pair of boots.

In order to place your order, email KickSpike directly and mention that you are with the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool. For more information on KickSpike products, please visit

First Gear Driving Academy

We are please to announce our new partnership with First Gear Driving Academy, LLC, your place to go for innovative advanced defensive driving classes in Denver, Colorado.

Through the use of a SKIDCAR, hydraulic wheels mounted onto a subframe underneath a vehicle, First Gear can simulate winter driving conditions such as icy roads. First Gear also provides general defensive driving training to help members hone their skills on the road.

If you are interested in scheduling a course for you and your district employees, you can sign up via the online form. As a Pool member, be sure to use the exclusive coupon code: pool. For more information on First Gear Driving Academy, please visit

Brite Computers

The Pool is pleased to announce the addition of Brite Computers to its Group Purchase Program.Pool members are eligible for a 15% discount on Brite computers' Public Safety Mobile Technology.

Providing public safety technology solutions since 1999, Brite is the exclusive, trusted voice you can rely on for secure, stable and scalable IT solutions. Brite focuses on four main areas – Mobile Tech, Intel Center Solutions, IT Services, and Cyber Security. Brite combines a knowledgeable, customer-focused team with industry proven technologies to ensure safety, efficiency, and security. That is The Brite Advantage. Brite has extensive experience with agencies of all types and sizes – including Police, Fire, and EMS. Through partnering with top technologies partners and matching years of experience, Brite can match the right tool or any IT needs. For more information on Brite Computers, please visit


The Pool is proud to announce that FireCatt, which uses exclusive industry-leading technology to test fire hoses and ladders, has been added to our Group Purchase Program.

Pool fire districts are eligible for a 15 percent discount on FireCatt's services. This is in addition to up to 50 percent reimbursement through the Safety Grant program.

FireCatt has the first and only patented technology in the nation for fire hose testing. They are the only hose testing company that controls the test process via computer. No other company in the industry can promise this level of precision and safety.

For more information about FireCatt’s services visit or call Marc Radecky at (248) 643-7200.

You can also view their one-page info sheet by clicking here: CSD FireCatt Ad.

AED Professionals

Since we launched our Group Purchase Program, one of the most common requests was for a vendor that specialized in Automatic Electronic Defibrillators, otherwise known as AEDs. We are happy to finally make that happen by forming an agreement with AED Professionals, a vendor which already supplies equipment and supplies to numerous Pool members.

They are offering a 25 percent discount on all regular priced items. This is in addition to the 50 percent reimbursement through the Safety and Loss Prevention Grant program. Combined, this could mean real savings for this life-saving technology.

Michael K. Lall, President and COO of AED Professionals’ parent company General Medical Devices, Inc. has penned a letter to the Pool’s membership, explaining his company’s strengths, background, commitment to service, and the value they bring to Pool members. Here is a link to the letter: Letter to CSD Pool Members.

Elite Sports University

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Elite Sports University (ESU), an online training platform that offers the latest curricula on strength and conditioning, speed, agility, and nutrition. ESU also offers specialty classes for coaches, long-term athlete development and personal trainer recertification. As part of this partnership, they are offering their training videos and platform to CSD Pool members at a discounted rate. Additionally, some ESU classes can count towards fulfilling continuing education unit accreditation requirements for personal trainers or as college credits.

Elite Sports University will be offering these exclusive rates to CSD Pool members:

  • 911 Tactical Training – Full Course (non-Continuing Education Unit): $120
  • 911 Tactical Training – Full Course (Continuing Education Unit): $340; pricing reflects exclusive 15% discount to members
  • 15% discount off of every course purchased

ESU is constantly updating their training curriculum with new sessions utilizing industry-leading instructors. Their pro membership includes new video discussions every week in which new concepts are discussed.

Future Expansion

The Group Purchase Program is one of many initiatives the Pool is undertaking in order to continue promoting safety and loss prevention practices in special districts. We plan to expand this program to include additional vendors in the future. Please let us know of any vendors that you would like us to approach to explore a similar Group Purchase Discount Program. We encourage you to take full advantage of this program and the savings associated with it. Our success here will encourage other premier safety vendors to participate.


If you are ready to take advantage of this program, please email us at

Conney Safety Portal

Take Advantage Now!

The Group Purchase Program with Conney Safety provides each member district with a 25% discount and free shipping on all eligible purchases. This discount is in addition to the 50% reimbursement the Pool provides for all Safety Grant purchases. Conney Safety, which many of our members already use, specializes in safety and loss prevention related products. Conney has 8 million products in its inventory with 18,000 products continuously in stock. This stock allows for Conney to provide exceptionally quick shipping and processing of all orders. Additionally, Conney Safety has established a unique web portal for CSD Pool members. The portal can be accessed by clicking HERE

Members can set up a Group Purchase account with Conney Safety by either e-mailing Conney Safety directly or by contacting the CSD Pool Administrator.

Red Wing Shoes

The Savings Await You!

In partnership with Red Wing Shoes, each member district will receive a 15% discount on all Red Wing shoes bought at official Red Wing retail stores through the state of Colorado. Red Wing Shoes are one of the top safety boot and work shoe companies in the United States and offers a 12-month warranty, 30-day comfort warranty, free in-store tune up, and variety of shoe types and sizes which always guarantee the right fit.

Red Wing Shoes has designated Mickey Brooks, Industrial Sales Manager as the key contact for setting up a billable account in order to receive a 15% discount at official Red Wing Shoe stores in Colorado. Please note that in order to earn your exclusive discount, you must have a billable account set up with Red Wing Shoes.

Members can set up a billable Group Purchase account with Red Wing Shoes by directly contacting Mickey Brooks.


Fire and EMS districts take notice!

Your CSD Pool has partnered with TargetSolutions to provide easily accessible training with an individual records management and credentialing system for our Fire/EMS members.

The CSD Pool is giving 25% cost savings to Workers’ Compensation members and 50% saving to members who participate in either the Property & Liability or both programs. To learn more or to schedule an online demonstration, email the CSD Pool Administrator.

ESP Safety

Essential Safety Products

We are happy to announce that Colorado-based Essential Safety Products is joining that roster. Essential Safety Products distributes an impressive array of occupational safety, health, ergonomic, environmental equipment and supplies.

They are passing along significant savings from many of their suppliers. There are so many discounts, we can't list them all on this page or even on our website, but below is a sample of what's available.

For more details, or to access these savings, contact Bill Paul ( / 303-710-6602). He can give you specific price listings, detailed product information, and get your district set up to take advantage of these savings.

Here's a list of available discounts from ESP:

  • 5% Discount on Accuform Safety Signs
  • 15% Discount on Bradley Eyewash Showers
  • 15% on Bullard Respiratory and 10% on Head Protection
  • 10% Discount on Capital Safety Fall Equipment
  • 25% Discount on Dupont Personal Protective Equipment
  • 5% Discount on EnPRO AED Compliance Services
  • 5% Discount on miscellaneous products at Essential Safety Products
  • Special Pricing on Essential Safety Services Training
  • 5% Discount on Grace Industries Man Down Instruments
  • 10% Discount on GripAll Anti-Slip Materials
  • 15% Discount on Honeywell Analytics Gas Monitors
  • 25% Discount on Justrite Flammables
  • 25% Discount on Kappler Protective Clothing
  • 15% Discount on Little Giant Ladder Systems
  • 15% on Master Lock products
  • 1% on Master Lock Safety products
  • 25% Discount on Notrax Matting
  • 5% Discount on RKI Portables, 1% on Fixed Gas Monitors
  • Special Pricing on Scott Safety SCBAs
  • 20% on Streamlight Flashlights
  • 5% Discount on Sundstrom Respirators
  • 5% Discount on Zoll Automatic External Defibrilators