Lexipol: A New Partnership Brings Value to CSD Fire Districts

The Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool has teamed up with Lexipol to offer its comprehensive solution for policy management updates and training to member fire districts at a discount. Lexipol's program provides fire departments with well-written policies in a web-based system that easily manages content and compliance. it also includes a unique training component to train staff on policy. The company was co-founded by Gordon Graham, nationally renown speaker on risk management for public safety.

"Lexipol offers an excellent program to help our fire districts stay on top of issues affecting their departments at the policy level." - Joseph DePaepe, CSD Pool Program Administrator

Lexipol offers discounts through the Colorado State Fire Chiefs Association. CSD Pool members will receive an additional 5% discount on subscription fees for the Lexipol Colorado Fire Policy Manual and Daily Training Bulletins.

** Members may use their Safety and Loss Prevention Grant to pay up to 50% of Lexipol subscription fees.

Custom Policy Content

Lexipol provides customizable, state-specific, web-based Fire Policy Manuals with an integrated training component to help city, county, and university fire departments as well as regional fire protection districts operate more efficiently and effectively. We provide comprehensive defensible policies written by legal and fire professionals.

Daily Training Bulletins

Lexipol's Daily Training Bulletins bring the manual into practice through real life, scenario-based training exercises emphasizing high-risk, low frequency events. Completed and verified in less than ten minutes per day, Daily Training Bulletins may qualify for continuous training certification.

To learn more and to request a presentation and quote, please contact Marty McKinney, Lexipol Client Services Representative at 469-731-0872 or mmckinney@lexipol.com. Or visit lexipolfire.com.