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SDA Conference & Training Scholarship Program

To encourage members to take part in our various Training Workshops and the SDA Annual Conference, the CSD Pool and SDA are offering to reimburse districts for costs incurred to send first-time supervisors and/or Board Members to these specific training opportunities. If you or someone you know has yet to attend, you can apply online.

Safety Grant Program

As detailed in the latest issue of The Risk Management Review, you can now apply online for reimbursement from the new Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Funding program

Training Workshops

Making training available to all of our Members is an integral part of what we do, so please take advantage of this service and join us for the Pool's 2010 Supervisor Training! Check out our Training Calendar to see our upcoming training workshops.

eRisk Hub™

Cyber Liability research center with data breach response action plans, and other resources.

The Pool is looking for feedback!

As always, we want to hear from you, so the Pool has put together a Member Satisfaction Survey. There are several categories to choose from and you may elect to respond to one or all parts of the survey, depending on your specific experiences.

You can remain anonymous or provide your name and/or District. Either way, thank you in advance for granting us the opportunity to listen!

Red Flag Statute Compliance

Your Pool's new e-Risk Hub™ website delivers resources for Red Flag and Colorado state statute liability responses--with a $200,000 limit!